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[ Faccia Sorridente! ]


[ Faccia Sorridente! ]

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"Yeah," Natsuno said, pulling up his pant leg to show her that the cut had healed without a trace. "What about you, are you alright?" He’d heard her say ‘ow,’ but she didn’t seem to be injured. The kitchen still smelled like blood because of his cut, so he couldn’t tell if she were bleeding, but at least if she were bleeding badly, he was pretty sure he’d have noticed.


"It’s alright. I just pricked my finger…" She got a small plastic bowl and filled it water and some bleach, mixing it and placing the somewhat cleaned towel into it. She’ll get to this later then.

For a moment she hesitated and was at loss. What to ask, she wasn’t very sure. There was a lot of things but trying to actually make sense as she goes? “Yuki… Um… How did you do that?”


of course!! chrome can or cannot be depicted in this way— she is a very strong girl who throws herself first into trouble without thinking of the consequences if it means that she can help someone else, it’s been shown in the manga like when she jumped in front of enma.

but i don’t know— I think near-death experiences like that can be traumatizing, even if you know it is coming (of course, I’ve never been in such a situation). a man can walk into war knowing of the possibility he will die any second and that he’ll take countless lives, and he can numb himself to this all he wants but still can come out alive and with severe trauma. she was just a girl, not even a teenager who threw herself out there in front of a huge loud semi, undoubtedly such a thing (should she be standing by a truck roaring on as it passes her) would trigger something in her and cause that adrenaline— which is her having ptsd because of the incident.

but i don’t know, it’s mostly just a thought u3u

True… I thought about that too like— would it be easy to get over a car-crash that easily but… ??? Idk… I feel that she’d be scared but not too scared. So yeahhh I guess the frightened part will be with her but it’d be similar to normal people who get frightened by trucks or cars whooshing past them? It won’t be to the point where she gets a mental break down?

Besides, I feel that Chrome isn’t scared of death. I mean well… WELL…. Too long to actually write about it but I just don’t think she’s afraid of it? And now around the end of the manga, she still doesn’t fear death but for now, she’s willing to fight against it than let it keep on tugging at her like she used to. Idk I think before the whole future arc she wouldn’t be afraid or give a second thought if she were in a situation where she’d die.

Now, it’s a little different—

I. Should stop typing.

But yeah I like the thought too. It’s quite good I think. Just. Wanted to comment laughs. *awkwardly sits on floor*


although it’s sad, I think Chrome has terrible PTSD and nearly breaks down every time she sees a truck driving, and needs to run from trucks whether they are parked or not

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Sucks on another one of the candies as she tidies up her desk after work.


"Choose one of what? I already have one who speaks cryptically, if you’re like that too I’ll find someone else to do the work." Dealing with Mukuro’s round about way of speaking is bad enough, he doesn’t need to deal with it for someone else.

"As you’ve probably figured; no, I don’t need you specifically, but you’re who I would have preferred. If that isn’t good enough for you, then you can dismiss yourself." He leans back and finishes his drink. He’s going to have a headache in a bit, he can tell.

The woman raised a brow at the male, giving a slightly ludicrous look. Really? “Would you prefer I give you my whole life story?” She furrowed her brows a little, actually genuinely concerned for Vongola at this rate. She was being quite open with him already, considering anyone would be silent and secretive in front of the Decimo, especially while knowing he had guards just outside- sure that they would not hesitate to shoot at any reason they find plausible. Yet…

Then she shook it off her shoulders, giving a light shake of her head. It had nothing to do with her. She nodded her head and gently pushed her chair back, raising to her feet, giving a curt nod his way as a substitute for a bow.

"Then, I’ll be taking my leave. You lack charisma and resolution, Decimo." Possibly disappointed, she headed for the now empty counter to get herself something. "I wanted to meet you once, anyways."








are you serious british people

i feel like this means i’ve been overestimating your enthusiasm about things for my entire life


They call me a trouble maker.

Let’s do a weird headcanon thing

1. What they smell like:  Aqua scented perfume. Occasionally peaches and strong coffee.

2. How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Sleeps on her right side, curled up to herself. Though she attempts to sleep on her back to stop her arm from getting stiff. Sleeps five to six hours at most.

3. What music they enjoy: It depends totally on her mood for the day but usually it’s ballad and the occasional pop, rock or hard-rock music.

4. How much time they spend getting ready every morning: ……. An hour or two every morning. A hot shower, lazy hair pat drying- as dry as a towel can manage, and just naturally dries it while she puts on her daily make-up (Heaps of lotion because she has dry, sensitive skin and some light shaded lipstick. If she feels up to it just add some eyeliner and a one color nail polish). If she’s working that morning she skips the make-up and rushes the others. 

5. Their favorite thing to collect:  None.

6. Left or right-handed: Ambidextrous. Though, not naturally. Used to be more dominant with her right hand.

7. Religion (if any):  None.

8. Favorite sport: Not fond of sports but does enjoy swimming. Dancing too, if you could count that as a sport.

9. Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: Laze in her hotel room and only get up because she does not want to miss breakfast (or might just skip to laze around more). Sight-seeing and mostly trying to find a quiet, cool place to relax (Bookshops or mini cafes)

10. Favorite kind of weather: Rainy and that hard-to-explain start-of-spring weather.

11. A weird/obscure fear they have: Thunder and liquid medicine.

12. The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Darts and shooting games. Enjoys goldfish catching though she usually gives them away to other little children.