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{✘} » — It’s instances such as these where Fran notices just how different this girl is from her male counterpart. Whereas he had spent far more time under the stern, scrutinizing gaze of his teacher, Chrome embodied a compassion that most (if not all) of the men whom surrounded him lacked. It wasn’t all very surprising, this was the mafia, after all. One did not enlist in these parts and expect to be coddled when the going becomes difficult. The woman was a rare find, and that was something which the younger could both respect and appreciate it, even if it was something he seldom vocalized. Empathy was something he had long since lost how to feel or express. Regardless, he could hope the other would realize that he was appreciative of the assistance.

He’d have to return the favor somehow.


The mental imagery that surfaced as a direct result of the inquiry ended in an amused chortle, somehow trying to imagine their short fused second-in-command with anything other than a sword in hand. Needless to say, Squalo was not the type to be sitting at his desk, recording data like a personal journal. So it’s a confirming nod that the illusionist grants. "Sounds about right," he agrees, voice remaining steady in spite of the continuously gnawing sense of impatience."The Commander doesn’t have much patience for technology, but, that should be how he files his reports." Being levelheaded had always been the area in which he excelled, so, why did he feel like he was the one struggling to maintain his composure here? The thought of being left to be paired up with Levi must have put him more on edge than he thought.

Only when he hears use of his name, however, does his attention finally jolt back up towards his company, not having realized that he had zoned out to begin with. He blinks, not even flinching when a delicate hand of porcelain reaches out and connects with seafoam strands. The next question catches him unguarded and a bit confused, but the Varia rookie obliges. "About Bel-senpai…?" The name already sounds a bit foreign on his tongue. "There’s not much to say, really. He’s noisy and obnoxious and out of his mind. Not to mention he’s arrogant, self centered and always has that dumb grin on his face, boasting about how he’s a prince." Once concluding his thoughts, there’s a sigh before he finally questions in return. "But, what do my thoughts about that phony genius have to do with anything—?"

With a smile, she nodded her head at the answer before she went back to typing on the keys of her keyboard, keeping her eyes on the open tab and codes, trying her best not to let her fingers slip.

"If I be honest… It was more of a personal request." she answered a little blandly, focused on her own work, looking up at the other’s screen a few times. Fingers moved around the keyboard for the next few minutes, keeping silent since she didn’t want to make a mistake and cause more mess for them to clear up. Besides, she had to get permission for these things at times. The woman paused when she found something similar, putting that aside as a stop and looking for more materials to work with.

After about ten minutes, she stopped and put her laptop onto the table-top, closing unneeded tabs and putting on a dozen tabs at the front.

"I can’t go any farther than this without permission but… There’s a few reports from the past few months and a short unfinished report for about a month ago with his name," she started and clicked on that particular file, opening it and scrolling through it. "It’s completed so he probably finished and came back at least once not long ago…"

Picks up her cup of hot chocolate and warms her fingers up with the remaining heat. “He’s probably still in Italy…” Might actually be more worried he’s running away from paperwork. It was unfinished, after all. Takes a sip of her drink. “Sorry, that’s about as far as I can do…”

"I just wish I knew how to save you."

"I honestly knew it would happen sooner or later…"

A soft sigh escaped parted lips, leaning against the sliding doors of his room while trying not to put any weight on them. Chrome watched as the water flowed out in the garden, Hibird flying outside by itself and enjoying the warm sunlight. It was really a picturesque sight.

"My body is starting to reject my illusions gradually and it’s getting worse," shrugs. "Or so, the doctor said." The woman crossed her arms above her chest and stood silent before she turned her attention back to the ravenette sitting further in the room. Odd, how people called him inexpressive. It was just that there weren’t enough things around to make him show them clearly.

Gives a soft smile and walks in to take a seat beside him. With a light hum, she poured him another cup of tea, acting no different from any other day. “I’m sorry… Thank you, Kyouya.” Puts the pot down and folds her hand on top of her knees. “Don’t worry. I’m still testing so it might just be a false alarm. Besides, even if it was true… It’s not like I’m going to die tomorrow or next week. It’s years, just gradually…”

"How to Save A Life" Sentence Starters
"We need to talk."
"Sit down it's just a talk."
"Why did I even come?"
"Where did I go wrong?"
"I'll stay up with you all night."
"I know what's best, okay?"
"Oh, of course, you know best."
"Here's your problem." (And then tell them what their problem is.)
"Are you even hearing me?"
"Don't yell at me!"
"You have a problem!"
"Make your choice." (Then give them an ultimatum.)
"I have a problem. I need your help."
"I'm just not the same anymore. Get over it."
"I just wish I knew how to save you."

Ah… Bored.



{✘} » — “Is this master’s way of exacting his revenge against me for the pineapple jokes? This is cruel and unusual punishment, even for him.” He’s just going to yank the hat down over his eyes. “I can’t unsee it, Chrome…”

"No…" Awkward little moment of silence before she took his hand and dragged them out of there. "If it’s him… He’s probably just doing it for his own pleasure," she mumbled with a little shrug. "Think of something else. Try."



{✘} » — “Bleach. Chrome, I need bleach. A bucket of it.”

Too late.

"Eh… Don’t say that." Awkwardly pats his head. Understands his feelings slightly.

"U- Uwaaaa— Fran! Don’t go following Mukuro around…!"


"And as I said too, you don’t even have to try to be cute because your ownexistenceisthedefinitionofcute!" Take a deep breath again, oxygen being a very precious resource to cling at this moment. How in the world his own throat didn’t get sore, it’s a miracle.

It’s his turn to hide his face now, an ominous slapping sound coming off him when he brought his hands at his flustered expression and muffled out. “NO teasing, I can’t handle any teasing at all right now.Please.”

Tick tock.. tick tock and the heartbeats start to calm down bits by bits. While that happened, he removed his hands from his face in order to properly look and talk to her.

"I’m happy to, uh, hear that." Blinks some bit more, trying to not break the eye contact. "And I.." He’s really trying to say that shit right now without exploding. "… you too, loveyoutoo!” Just get this moron a medal already.


"I get we’re the only ones in my apartment but don’t say such embarrassing things so loudly!?" How long were they going to continue screaming their lungs out at each other? Oxygen was going to run out if they continue to do this ranting but.. Uwaa… "You’re the one who’s making all those faces and being- being… You know!" Her voice is going to crack any second now.

"Haa… Haa…" With deep breathing, she pursed her lips and gave him a half-hearted glare, brows furrowing in confusion along the way. Kind of jumps back a little as he started talking again, the whole eye to eye thing included after their short moment of silence and… Enma, you’re making this all shoujo again.

This time though, Chrome couldn’t help herself but burst into a fit of laughs when she saw his expression and how he spoke, holding onto her stomach as she tried to hold herself up and not topple down. Such a rare moment of surprise.

"You look really funny, Enma…" She said with a soft laugh, pointing at the mirror hanging behind him.

Half an hour before sunrise…