"Probably not," he agrees and pinches at his nose with a long-suffering sigh. "I don’t think so." Once-upon-a-time-friends didn’t really get any privileges.

Blinks at before she goes on with a light little giggle. “Well, that’s him.” Smiles. “They’re not very complicated, if that makes it any better.” Had read through a few while waiting too.


Natsuno frowned at her as she went about her business in the store. A secret, huh? He stuffed his hands in his pockets and sighed. If she didn’t want to tell him, she wouldn’t, and pressing her would be pointless.


He watched the florist put her bouquet together, resisting the urge to rub at his nose; the scent in here was pretty overpowering, all the different flowers mixing together aggravating his senses. To distract himself, he asked Chrome, “Why all white flowers?”

Chrome pointed out a few times how she wanted the flowers to be arranged, giving a light ‘Pardon,’ or ‘Sorry,’ every time she changed the positions and amount. Somewhere in the midst of it all, she added a red rose to the back whilst the yellows bush of flowers were kept around the front so it could be easily spotted, others surrounding it like fairy rings.

"Hmm… I wonder why too." she mumbled out a reply as the bouquet was finally arranged to her liking, searching the pockets of her cardigan for money as the attendant went to key in the price. "Why not passionate red or a silky midnight blue. However, the last time I tried, someone threw the bouquet into the river behind the cemetery." she said gently as she paid the amount needed, taking the lightweight and holding it close, pleased with it then turning around. Always she will put things so subtly. "A little risk isn’t too bad." Meaning the red rose.

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Blinks at the newcomer who calmly wipes the blood on his face. He doesn’t react, somehow liking the fact someone actually bothers to clean his face rather than screaming her head off.

Since hey, look at all of these mutilated bodies on the ground. Hehehe.

Tilting her head, she tried to rub off what was left on his lips before folding the handkerchief with the blood stain inwards and keeping it back in her pocket. Well, at least he wasn’t suddenly jumping about to stab her.

"Don’t forget to clean up." Stands and moves away.

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He stares at the stack of papers. And then he stares some more. “Oh - my - god,” he mutters underneath his breath before wincing at the choice of words. “I’m not a secretary—”

"You tell him that…?" Tilts her head innocently. "Though he probably won’t listen… Will he?" Who knows, maybe Byakuran has a soft spot for him— which she doubts but no wrong to find out.

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Name: Chrome Dokuro
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Parents: None.
Love interest: None
Hobbies: A walk in the woods, collecting antique things.
Positive personality trait: Sweet
Negative personality trait: Uncaring
Weapon of choice: Throwing knives

Weak or strong physically: Weak
Weak or strong mentally: Strong
Selfish or selfless: Selfish
Something my muse is good at: Acting
Something my muse is bad at: Understanding love?
Why muse is detested?: Self-centered.
Good memory: Time out with parents.
Bad memory: Getting sold off right after.
Optimist, pessimist, realist, cynical: Realist, cynical

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"Work together? Really?" He blinked in surprise at that. He thought Chrome was rather busy with her own work, but… "I wouldn’t mind. The old lady too, she’d be pleased to have another helping hand. The bar though, I am not too sure. You have to meet up with master yourself."


He heard the whispers among the other customers, alright; and he couldn’t help but to smirk slightly at that—oh there were a few small squeals—but still kept his business facade on. Nodding at Chrome’s orders, he wrote them down and re-read what he had written aloud, earning an affirmative nod from the other. He bowed, leaving to give the one in the kitchen the orders and soon enough, he was servicing other customers with his charming smile.

"Really." Well, she did have quite an amount of work of her own but even then, she had much spare time to just walk around freely and waste some. Ain’t she here sitting here in the cafe relaxing? Besides, they can always work when she has not any work. Also skipping shifts for part time jobs. "Mnn… I’ll go talk to the master myself whenever you’re willing to try it out."

Stares up at him, position a bit slumped as she rested her head on her hand again. A light nod she gave him after the repeat, mumbling out ‘A cup of water too.’, watching him retreat back to his position and even the glaring gazes went back to watching him move about. Now now… Is he trying to make the place into a host club? With a sigh, she took out some papers from her bag and a pen, starting to read the forms and scribble on the blank papers, drafting things out as she waited for her order.

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Natsuno returned her stare with a wary look. What was that for? And then… did she just laugh at him?


"What’s so funny?" he asked, somewhat indignant. And - new? What was new? Tolerable Chrome might be, but sometimes he couldn’t understand her at all. 

The woman skipped a step towards the store, a little grin forming as her eye scanned through the array of colorful buds, grass and flowers. A few steps in and she found what she was looking for. Slim fingers threaded through the bush of yellow petals and picked one out by the stem, holding it close to take a sniff.

"Hmm… Naisho…~?" Gives a simple smile before she pulls out a few more stalks of the flower and navigates herself through the shop, picking out some Gypsophila- which she honestly preferred to call baby’s breath, two white roses, white daisies and a pair of white lilies before she gave it to the florist to pack into a bouquet.

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"Good evening," he smiled warmly, nodding.


He blinked at her sudden invitation, but nodded happily anyway. “Of course. Where you want to go?”

Giggles lightly and smiles, taking a step back to get room. “Well, honestly speaking,the department store. I need to get some ribbons.” Wanted to get a pair of gloves too though… That would be for later.

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