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So very hungry…

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In answer, Natsuno took out his pass card and swiped it over the panel on the gate, going through ahead of her. 


It was a little strange how she’d brought up her and Mukuro’s ‘tricks’ and then let the topic drop. Why bring it up if she didn’t have anything to say about it? Had she just been curious, then? 

"Was there something in particular you had in mind to ask me by bringing up your ‘tricks’?" He wouldn’t pry into her business, but if she wanted to pry into his, he’d rather she ask him than Mukuro. Nothing against Mukuro; just, given that Natsuno obviously had the full story, he could do better quality control of the information.

He didn’t mind sharing some things with Chrome if she was curious; Mukuro seemed to trust her more than most, and that was voucher enough as far as Natsuno was concerned.

Chrome gave a dry smile, almost amused at the silent action before she followed suit, scanning the card and going through the gate at her own pace. It was nice when the place wasn’t swarming with people. No squeezing and trying to get through or pushed about.

Humming, she shifted the bouquet as she tried to put the card back into her pocket, fixing her hair and moving her bangs to hand behind her ears as she made her way through the station, following the signs to her wanted side. “Eh?” She gave a confused little look before smiling, shrugging in answer.

"I didn’t want to be the first to tell you." That would be one small part of the few reasons. Some others would be that she didn’t know whether it was alright to trust him and tell him so much about what they could do. It felt strange to really talk about it to anyone out of the usual group. Though, she cannot promise not to pry about Natsuno. One way or another she seemed to do so, sometimes without even realizing it.

"More importantly… I wanted to know if I could use it in front of you."

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You don’t know the things her people can do; it’s better that way, too.


"Excellent." She does not take jokes when it comes to her people, alright? They’ve all worked hard to get where they are now. "Any special requests?" 

He paused and looked at Chrome, a wry smile growing. She hadn’t backed out by now—that meant she was going to give it a try, didn’t it? What a cute thing. “Anything you like,” he chuckled, resisting the urge to play with her hair. He’d make his own requests when she was out of earshot.


"Um… Special requests?" Blinks, not too sure what that meant so just silently waits for a possible explanation from either of the two. … Or not. And so just shakes her head for no.

Sometimes she really did wonder if she had too much curiosity for her own good.

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My exams aren’t over yet, but here i am again, kind of celebrating the start of my study leave (???)

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Ch: Yamamoto Takeshi 

Anime/Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn 

Coser: Toto ( Japan ) 

Damn!! Too Hot Being Takeshi >//////< 

I Found A New Hubby ~ ( *„*) 

But Still Trafalgar Law is # 1 (^3^) 

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