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"I have a date with Reborn~" She chimed, sighing softly; as though she was a youth in love. Although, date would mean, haunting down the fedora wielding mafioso. "What do you think of this dress?”


Oh? The woman just gave a little smile. Nothing much to say but it was always interesting and almost strangely addicting to listen to this topic. “The dress?” Chrome gave a blink of her eye, staring at the dress she was shown. Oh.

"It’s pretty. Um, I… Can only assume, but I think Reborn-san might appreciate if you wear a lighter dress easier to run in. Heels sound good though."


Giotto was rather offended when the girl refused to stay here. Was it not to her tastes? He frowned slight as he spoke to her once more, asking her what the problem was.


"Whatever is the matter? Is it not to your tastes?" He remained to frown as he spoke to her again, still unaware of why she wouldn’t stay.  "I could never let you go outside my dear, it is rather dangerous due to Mafia Wars."

Not to her taste? What an assumption he had. Such a horrible one, as a matter of fact. Did she look that picky? Though she couldn’t deny it, it did light an irritation.

"I have never said I do not want to. I said that I can’t.” She repeated her sentence in a way he might properly understand, taking another step away and giving a soft shake of her head. Mafia wars? It sounded like a video game title. The woman knew what he meant, since she was used to hearing things like them but really, she didn’t care. As long as she could avoid it she didn’t mind. “Never?

"Maybe you do not notice yourself but it would be extremely rude to force me to stay here, signore. Is there any reason I must? I feel quite pressured to stay.”

She could have sworn she had seen a bat just out her window…


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Ugh. He just could not understand the fuss some people go through for a seemingly little thing. He almost did not care and just wanted to leave right now.

Don’t be mad. I’m sorry." That was a little difficult to get out, but what to do. "I will make it up to you, if you want."

Don’t be mad? Was he serious?

The usually gentle manner was thrown all the way down the gutter, cold violet glaring straight at the ravenette. Maybe she had been too nice for too long. How could she not get angry when the way he spoke practically drilled her on to it. She raised and arm and threw a knife at him, aiming to kill.

"Don’t waste your words for a puppet. Get out of my house."


「Today we have... Let's see... 
What an interesting name you have! Crepe Dokuro-san!」


It seemed that she was much more shy than Giotto had actually expected, but he was alright with that. Giotto got along with pretty much anyone, and didn’t mind anything as small as shyness. He remained to lay his eyes upon the girl as he waited for her response, and when he heard that she was looking for a place to stay, he instantly knew where she could stay. The Vongola HQ had many spare rooms that could house many more people than what they needed, so there was plenty of room to house her for as long as she liked.


"Ah that is no problem. You are able to stay here and not pay anything. I do not want to charge you at all."  He paused before speaking again to her. "Are you hungry as well? I shall deal with your food as well if you are hungry." He just enjoyed helping people, and this was one of those moments.

The woman raised a brow and gave a glance to the building behind him. Well… It was big. There was definitely at least one room there for her- she wouldn’t be surprised if there were dozen to choose from. However, she just tore her eye away from the building, shaking her head yet again.


"I can’t stay here." She said firmly, taking a step back. "Thank you, but as I said, I cannot. Even if you agree to it."



We have a problem. Like, as a society we have a problem, as a species we have a problem, as a website we have a problem…and unfortunately, as a fandom, we have a problem.

The problem is the tendency to translate dislike to offence to harm. Disliking someone, even arguing with them occasionally, is not a harmful thing. However, the idea that other people need to dislike this person as well—moreover, the idea that you need to make these people dislike this person—that’s not only bullying, but treads very closely to harassment. This isn’t gossip. This is the intention to harm.

Everyone here is here for a safe space. You, if you feel threatened by someone else, you need a place to go. You need to be able to feel safe. Most of all, you need to be able to overcome petty things. Feeling that someone dislikes you or vice versa is not something that infringes on your safety. If anything, it proves that we’re all here to be in an environment that provides us good experiences and sometimes learning experiences. 

The problem is the fact that most of the people who bully or harass have been bullied or harassed before. Frankly, I can’t understand this. I don’t understand how the human brain works that causes a victim to victimise—but we know that this is basic psychology and a leading trend in human behaviour. People who were hurt are more likely to make others hurt. I can’t stop that outside, but my main goal here is to stop that trend.

I think that helping people who are being victimised when it happens, soon after it happens, helping them to overcome it and to see the petty reasons that it happened in the first place—that’s how to stop them from going on to continue the cycle. 

Because of this, I think we need to address something as a fandom. We need to address the difference between a victim and an abuser (and an abuser who uses victim tactics). We need to address apathy and this “no drama on my dashboard!” idea that’s been going around and we need to learn how to help. Even if our safe spaces mean not getting directly involved, there are things that one can do.

In the end, disliking someone has nothing to do with bullying them or lashing out at them. Unfortunately, especially online, too many times they overlap. I encourage you, when you feel threatened by someone, to look at yourself and say, “Why do they make me feel this way? Are they abrasive? Do they have more friends? Do they disapprove of something I like?” And I want you to seriously consider just how important it is to you that this person is different from you. Then I want you to ask yourself why. 

I’m sure the whole fandom knows that I don’t get along with everyone here. There are people I openly dislike and people who openly dislike me, and I’m okay with that. But more importantly than whatever thing strikes me as unpalatable about you, you are a human being, and more than anything I want you to be safe. I want you to be safe from other people as I want you to be safe from yourself.

This is an open call. No matter how we’ve gotten along—swimmingly or otherwise—if you feel threatened by people here, you can come to me. Promise to be honest with me, to be honest with yourself, and let me help you figure out if there’s a problem or if you can overcome it. Let me help you work through anyone who antagonises you. If you are the antagonist, if you have harassed or bullied, come to me. I want to help you grow into more than this and to figure out why you have this behaviour. Let’s work through it. Let’s figure out how to keep people from getting hurt, and how to make you into a happier person.

But more than a call to come to me, I call on each and every one of you to make sure that you are doing well, that you are helping people when the opportunity is presented to you, and that your safe space is truly safe for you as well as anyone else whose spaces overlap into it. 

That’s all it takes. Let’s get to know each other. Let’s figure out how to help each other, no matter what it’s helping with. Let’s grow.

We’re an old fandom. It’s time to grow. It’s time to be examples to the younger people here, and let them know that with experience comes wisdom and integrity. It’s past time. So let’s catch up and do it.